How to Make Money Driving Traditional Taxi

When taxi-hailing apps such as Uber, Lyft, and Zimride became popular, there was a fear among traditional taxi drivers that their businesses would die within a few years. Granted, the number of customers has reduced, and more people now turn to their smartphones whenever they need taxi services. However, all is not lost for traditional taxi drivers. If you want to keep making money as a driver, some of the tips that you can use are:

Go to High Traffic Areas

It goes without saying that you are likely to get more customers in places where there is high traffic. Think of supermarkets, hospitals, city centre and other entertainment facilities where many people are looking for transport. It also helps to work during peak hours when the rideshare taxis have a surge and are charging more.

Print Business Cards

One of the mistakes that most traditional taxi drivers make is not having business cards to give to clients who use their services. Print cards and when the customer alights, politely hand them your business card telling them that you are available for their next trip. Feel free to ask them if they will be needing taxi services and let them know that you are flexible enough to take up assignments.

Be Courteous

What can set you apart from other taxi drivers is courtesy. Every customer wants to feel important when using your services. Never underestimate the value of simple things such as opening for them the door, respecting their space by not yapping too much; unless they indicate that they want to chat and other details like helping them with their luggage. If you are courteous, the chances are that you will get repeat customers.

Be Patient

It can be tempting to keep driving around aimlessly in an attempt to get a customer. This will only lead to frustrations and irritability. If you are on a traditional taxi, it helps to have a designated pick up point where your customers can easily find you. During off-peak, you should consider engaging in fun activities such as catching up with your favourite game. You can buy a cheap refurbished ipad that you carry with you everywhere you go. You should also explore different options, such as doing long-distance drives with your taxi. It might mean getting a license that allows you to cross borders, but you can be sure of making good money.

Join a Taxi Association

Check if there are taxi associations around you that you can join. These unions always have opportunities for their members. You will also learn from other members of the association on how to make more money as a taxi driver. Most of the associations also have programmes where you can access cheap loans to expand your business.