Why use a taxi?

There are many reasons for using public transport, the biggest at the moment would have to be to help the environment. Green and eco friendly ways of travelling are becoming more popular as people are now ditching the really expensive fossil fuel powered vehicles and opting for electric vehicles or even public transport.

Door to door service

When you take a taxi you get a door to door service. They pick you up from your departure point and take you right to your destination. Easy as pie. When you take a bus you have to make your way to and from the nearest bus stop, which might not be on the route you need. It could mean more than one bus trip to complete your journey. This is far less convenient. For longer journeys a train is better, but again you need to go to the nearest train station, but if there is no direct train to your destination, then you will need to change en-route. This can be inconvenient and time consuming. A taxi, especially for shorter journeys is more ideal than other forms of public transport.

Friendly, personal service

Most taxi drivers like to have a chat with their passengers, especially if they are a lone traveller. This helps them to pass the time while working their shift, but it is also nice for the passenger to have a little company on their journey, even if it is just chit-chatting about the weather. If you have an important appointment, such as a planned surgery for a breast enlargement, you might be a little nervous and want a friendly voice to chat to you on the way to the hospital.

Breast enlargement surgery

If you are planning a breast enlargement surgery, then you may be appreciative of a friendly voice on the way to the hospital, but more importantly, on the way back home again. You may be feeling a little unwell after having anaesthetic, but knowing your taxi will take you right to your door, and even wait until you get safely inside, must offer a little peace of mind.

Travel in comfort

When you travel by taxi you are traveling in comfort. There is just you, or your family/friends in the taxi so it is a more intimate way to travel, as opposed to buses and trains, where you have to mix with strangers, and the rides are not necessarily comfortable.