How Taxi Drivers Can Stay Safe While Working

Being a taxi driver is classified among dangerous jobs. There are many risks that taxi drivers are exposed to. Since they stay on the road for many hours every day, they are more likely to be involved in a road accident. Carrying strangers on a daily basis also means that taxi drivers are vulnerable to attacks and robberies. Moreover, the high traffic that they get in their car can expose them to contagious diseases. They can also sometimes become victims of police investigations if they are traced to a customer who used their services.

Keeping Safe

Despite the vulnerabilities, taxi drivers can still keep safe by:

  • Going cashless: Taxi drivers who use cash transactions are likely to be targets of a robbery. If they go cashless, they will not catch the attention of robbers.
  • IInstall a screen/Barrier: It is always advisable for taxi drivers to lead customers to the back seat to prevent cases where customers attempt to control the car or injure the driver. Having the barrier can also help in preventing some contagious diseases.
  • Get the vehicle checked: To avoid wear and tear that comes with using the vehicle too many times in a day, taxi drivers should always take them for maintenance. This helps in preventing accidents. Another tip is to rest when tired. Resist the temptation to work when sleepy or fatigued.
  • Operate in familiar grounds: Taxi drivers should not venture too far from areas that they are familiar with. Otherwise, they could end up getting into an accident or exposing themselves to carjackings and robberies.
  • Get convex mirrors: Wide angled mirrors will let taxi drivers know what passengers are doing on the back seat. Knowing that they are being watched may deter passengers from attacking the driver. They should also have a CCTV camera that captures the activities inside and around the taxi.

Finally, taxi drivers should also learn to trust their instincts and stop themselves from interacting with certain passengers if they get a gut feeling that they are in danger.