Top 6 Ridesharing Apps of 2018

The taxi industry has clearly come a long way. From hailing horse driven carriages to taping a smartphone and riding self-driving cars, things can’t get any better.

Ridesharing apps are perhaps the most significant innovation since the card readers. The business model exploits a loophole in taxi regulation that exempts cabbie operators from meeting all those stipulations that seem to weigh the industry down.

Whether you are looking to start a cabbie business or looking for a convenient way to hail cabs, this piece will point you in the right direction.


The honor goes to this innovative start-up that has shaken up the entire taxi industry. In as little as five years, this team has become a household name in most major cities and towns. The app simplifies the process of hailing a cab, paying and tipping drivers, splitting fares and requesting a ride for someone else.


Lyft is also a big name in the rideshare industry, but they only operate in several U.S cities. They share the same business model and prices with Uber. But they also add a fun and professional twist to their services. Their app enables users to view a real-time map of their current location, set pick up points, and review fares upfront.


Wingz targets clients moving to and from the airport. And users get to schedule rides, know prices upfront and even choose favorite drivers. They operate in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, and Sacramento.


Zimride seems to have an emphasis on the driver. Riders get to schedule trips and pay through Paypal, but the driver has 24 hours to accept or decline the request. The drivers can also view passenger data such as interests, musical preferences, and feedback.


This rideshare service takes customer satisfaction very seriously. They try to keep the waiting time on the bare minimum, offer quality services and extend promotions from time to time. They also take slightly less commission from drivers.

Tree for Cars

This team aims at reducing the number of CO2 emitting cars on the roads by matching riders to eco-friendly cabbies. The founder, Leo Grand, was a homeless man until he acquired free coding superpowers and created this ridesharing solution.